Social and Economic Justice, Net Neutrality

The Internet has truly changed the way the public accesses and experiences information, entertainment and communication. It has become the nucleus to healthy discourse, idea exchange, and ultimately democracy.

Today, the Internet has become a critical public necessity, as use in the home, classroom and public space have fast moved from the exception to the norm. The Internet exists at the core of global communications and access to its use is near requirement.

However, free and open access to the Internet is under threat from policymakers and corporate stakeholders who want to monitor and control the public’s access and use of the Internet.

“The big phone and cable companies that control access to the Internet for most Americans want to get rid of Net Neutrality, the rule that prevents them from discriminating against online content. They want to become the Internet's gatekeepers, deciding which sites go fast or slow and which won’t load at all – based on who pays them the most.”- Freepress.Net, 2008

The Pacific Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that are advancing the fight for Net Neutrality to realize the following goals and impact:


  • To ensure that the Internet remains a forum for free and uncensored speech;
  • To ensure that the Internet remains free, open and accessible for all; and
  • To support advocacy efforts around policy regarding free and open Internet.

Intended Impact:

  • Effective communications tools developed to build public will in support of Net Neutrality;
  • Successful policy advocacy around Net Neutrality.